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How to play Bubble Soccer

Similar to regular soccer you will play in 2 teams with equal number of players. But in Bubble Soccer you don't need a goal keeper, you wouldn't be able to use your hands and the goals are smaller.

While protected in your inflatable Bubble you will try to score goals. You will play in a designated and marked area. Apart from the standard rules, bumping, bouncing, rolling, flipping over and smashing into other players are tactical parts of the game and are actually encouraged.

Bubble Soccer can be played on any open grass field or indoor sports hall. Depending on your fitness, we recommend a game of 60 min. If you wish to play longer, consider to have substitutes. We can not play on sand, gravel or areas that contain wooden splinters, trees or are surrounded by sharp fences (like drive way, tennis court, equestrian arena).

You don’t like soccer? You can also just go for a casual game or even just a bumping competition. We can set-up different options to adapt the game to your wishes to get you the maximum fun out of it. Did you try already Bull Rush, Ten Pin Bubble Bowling, Last Man Standing, Bubble Roll or Bubble Pong?




The KiwiBubbleSoccer Team will set up the Bubbles, the field and the goals for you. Please arrive earlier to allow us to explain the rules and demonstrate the handling to you. We will provide a supervisor at all times who will assist you and can also function as referee if required.
You can run a multiple game competition, like a tournament, that allows you to involve more players. Our team will clean the Bubbles after each game.
You don't need to bring anything along apart from some water and be dressed in comfortable clothes. Are you comfortable in gumboots or barefoot? Then have a go!


Our Bubbles are designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of play with adjustable soft-padded straps that will insure they are comfortable and easy to carry, like a backpack. The Bubbles are made of high quality TPU (to avoid any sensitivity to PVC) and are available in 2 sizes: adult (1.50m diameter) or kids (1.20m diameter). A child needs to be at least 1.15m tall and able to carry 6 kg. The adult Bubbles are suitable for people up to 120 kg (subject to body shape). Kids that are over 1.40m tall will fit in the adult Bubbles, but they need to be physically able to carry 10 kg. If you aren't sure if it fit get in touch with us and we can provide you more detail.

For groups of mixed ages (school, programs or siblings) we allow kids aged 5 as long as they meet the height requirements. For private kids parties we do require the children to be at least 7 years old. We do offer regular breaks, but Bubble Soccer is a good workout, so please consider if this activity is suitable for your child.


Have fun, play safe!

Bring enough drinking water.

Bring sun protection for your outdoor game.

No alcohol or drug consumption before or during the game.

No pointy or sharp objects in your pockets.

Comfortable sport shoes (no studs) or barefoot (no jandals).

Our supervisor will demonstrate how to handle the Bubbles. Please follow their instructions carefully.

Don't tackle any person who isn't inside a Bubble.

Don't bump into another player with their backs turned and not expecting it.

Don’t attempt any activity you are not comfortable doing.

We recommend wearing bibs or same coloured team wear.

Arrive early to allow some time for the instructions and a test run.


round $70-$100 per hour for indoor venues.