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You simply send us an enquiry with the date/ time and location you would like to enquire about. Let us know whether you have children or adults playing, how many Bubbles you will likely need and how many players you are expecting. And anything else we should know or you would like to share. You can use the online enquiry form or give us a ring during our office hours if you are having further questions.

You will hear back from us withing 24 hours

We respond to all emails within 24 hours. Haven't received a reply? Please check your spam folder and if empty too, just flick us an email or give us a ring.

We will send an email letting you know whether your selected date/ time is available, let you know if your venue is suitable and also additional information that might be handy for you.

You confirm your booking

If you would like to go ahead, please let us know and we will book you in. For private bookings and during Christmas season we do require a deposit of 50% to be paid within 7 calendar days. We do not require deposits from schools. We will invoice the balance after your game or invoice you in full.

We will confirm your booking

Once we receive your deposit, we will confirm your booking from our end. If we do not receive your deposit within the given time frame your booking is not completed and we will delete your initial hold.

We will send you a reminder

A few days prior your booked game we will send you a reminder email confirming the details of our staff in attendance  and confirming the date, time and location. We will also check if there is any information we would require from your end.

We will always send you an invoice via email for any payments required. If we require a deposit you can pay via bank transfer or credit/debit card (2.7% surcharge applies).
We invoice the remainder after your game and you can again pay via bank transfer or credit/debit card, however, we also accept cash at the time of your game and can send you a receipt of payment after.

If you cancel 14 days or more before the date of the event we will fully refund any deposit received. If you cancel less than less than 14 days but more than 24 hours before the event a charge of 50% of the total booking fee applies. In case of a cancellation submitted less than 24 hours before the game the full fee will be charged.

If you get sick a few days before the game please reach out to us and we will try to re-book you.

We can hold a tentative booking for 24 hours so you can consult with other people involved. If we haven't heard back from you within this time frame, we will release your booking.

You can always change the number of Bubbles required up to one day prior to your booked game and we will adjust the total price accordingly. If you would like to change the time or location we are happy to do so as long as we have availability to do so. If you would like to change the date of the booking, please let us know 14 calendar days prior. For unforeseen circumstances, past this time frame, please reach out to us

Simply no! Because Bubble Soccer is a high impact activity and we care about your safety. Our staff is trained and have over 10 years experience and ensures that everything is safe at all times, so you can enjoy your game without worry. From making sure the equipment is not faulty, set up correctly, players are strapped in correctly and the environment meets the safety standard at all times.

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