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What to bring/ wear?


Yourselves and some water. That's all. We will take care of all required equipment so you really can just rock up.
Feel free to bring some music and some snacks if you wish.
In case of rainy weather you might want to bring some change of clothes.
Please note that we ask you not to smoke or vape near the game area, other players and our equipment.

Wear any comfortable clothing. We recommend shirts (rather than singlets) and avoid dresses/ skirts.

If you play indoors you might wish to consider pants that cover your knees as this is more comfortable.

Comfortable sport shoes or playing barefoot is fine. No rugby/ football shoes with studs, no crocs, no jandals.

No pointy or sharp objects in your pockets or on your body (big watches, pointy jewellery, hair clip, sharp belt buckles). We recommend removing necklaces and earrings as you might lose them.

Please refer from using facepaint or henna, as this will sweat off and stain our equipment.

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