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Wet grass

2 teams - 3 to 6 a-side. Similar to regular soccer, you play in a designated area and try to score goals. The difference is that we do not have any goalkeeper and no off-sides. There are variations in the rules, e.g. you are allowed to tackle your own team mates as well. We can run a tournament as well.

1 player starts as 'tagger' in the middle, everyone else will line up on one side of the field. The tagger can call out players which then have to make it safely to the other end. The tagger is aiming to tackle these players to the ground. Players are allowed to bump the tagger over. Any player who touches the ground with their Bubble will join the tagger's team. Any safe runner that clears the tagger triggers a Bull Rush. As players get tagged, the last one standing will be crowned the winner.

No friends here. Players spread out throughout the field and will try to push each other over. Every player who's Bubble touches the ground is eliminated and remains on the ground. Last one standing wins.

Similar to "Last Person Standing', but this is a team effort. Eliminate opposing team players by pushing them to the ground. Once a team has lost all players, it is out of the game. Can be played with 2 teams or more. Last team standing wins.

2-4 teams with 3-4 players each. Each team will chose their 'president'. Opposing teams will try to knock the president over. Last team that has their president standing wins.

2 teams starting on opposing ends of the field. One team has a designated 'rugby ball'. Within a limited time frame, the team needs to deliver their 'ball' over the opponents line. There will be multiple short rounds as this is a very strategic game and teams can adjust accordingly.

3-6 players will act as pins forming a triangle. One player will charge towards the pins to see how many they can knock over. For kids, we can also roll the 'ball' player into the pins.

Teams of 2-3 players each. One player will be tucked inside their Bubble. The remaining 1-2 players will be rolling the player in their Bubble. Multiple laps are possible where players take turns inside the bubble.

This one is for the toughest only. One player is the 'golf ball' and other players hit the ball one at a time to drive it to a given goal. You will be given a par, can you beat it?

2 teams, 2 players start off in the middle. The team line up on opposing ends outside the fields. As teams try to cross the field, the middle players try to take as many opposing players down as possible. The player that eliminates the opposing team first wins.

This is for the 'no fear' players. Chose an opponent to run straight at them. First down looses. If both fall, first player to stand up, wins. Can be played as team version where the losing player gets to be claimed by the winner for their own team.

Knock another player over, so they can be "it".

2 teams starting from opposing ends. Make it to the other side, capture the opponents flag and bring it back to your team base, bumping and blocking other players along the way.

Want to try something different and feeling creative? Let us know, and if safe, we will give it a shot. We have a few more options in our portfolio as well to keep you entertained.

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