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Grass Field


Bubble Soccer in park
  • Kids Birthday Parties - We got you covered! Just send out the invitations, get the kids to arrive and provide some water. We take care of the rest. Just lean back and let us wear the kids out for you. We've had some really cool, strong and excited 5/6 year olds, however most kids will best enjoy Bubble Soccer when being 7 years or older as it is tiring and challenging as they will bump, roll and have a total blast for the duration of your event.

  • Stag / Hen's Parties - Need something epic to kick off the special day? Look no further, we will make sure you will have the time of your life and get plenty of options to take the stag/ hen out. We have a few games that are a bit tougher and single out someone. 

  • Corporate events - may it be a Christmas party, a social team activity or another occasion, We can just have some casual games lined up that focus on team building or we can set up a full on tournament for you if you are competitive. We recommend leaving the buffet till after the game.


  • Social events (good old family catch up, friends get together, birthday) - We can cater for a mix of abilities and ages. Just let us know and we will work around your group's needs and interests.

  • Sports team sessions - Looking for something fun to finish off the season or maybe a pre-season warm up? We are happy to play evenings during any season, as long as we have day light or you have flood lights available. Just reach out to get a training session of the different kind? Or even a sport club event? If you are planning on 40 or more participant's at a time, this would be considered a large group booking (see below).

Bubble Soccer indoor

We work with a large number of schools and holiday providers. Looking for a great fun physical activity for your primary school students, or a good challenge for your intermediate school aged kids? We  got you covered and are happy to stay with you the whole school day to engage with multiple classes. Or want to offer your high school kids with a different PE class? We can help incooperate the games and learning around your current curriculum. As we know that schools are on a budget and we would love to share the fun and excitement a playful and challenging exercise brings to schools from all backgrounds, we offer a discounted rate to schools during term dates and school hours.

Bubble Soccer large event

We can run fun fair style events with a huge number of participants and short rotations. Please reach out to us with the specific details and we are happy to issue a quote and advise how we can run Bubble Soccer at your event. We will bring additional staff for supervision and crowd control.

Bubble Soccer Out and About Auckland Free Community Sessions

Many wonderful Local Boards are provide fun, playful and engaging activation to help connecting our families with each other, the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to be one of the many amazing providers to help archive this vision throughout Auckland. The sessions are held throughout local parks and reserves and all players ages 5 years and older are welcome to give Bubble Soccer a go. No registration required, just turn up.

You can check our Facebook site or Out and About Auckland's Facebook site for any upcoming events near you.

Bubble Soccer in media

Our Bubbles are popular for marketing, productions and many more. It may be a short clip you would like to produce, a theater play, a sports event half time activation or something totally different. Reach out to us to share your awesome idea!

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