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Grass Field
  • Forget regular soccer - Welcome to the wacky world of Bubble Soccer! Picture yourself on two teams, each with an equal number of players, but with a hilarious twist: no goalkeepers needed, (your hands are off-limits anyway!).

  • But hold onto your bubbles, because the rules are as flexible as a contortionist at a circus! We want you to have a blast, so tackle, bump and bounce your way to victory.  And fear not! Whether you're a family of all ages, a group of little rascals, a corporate crew or a squad of stag party revelers, we'll tailor the rules to suit your style.

  • Our expert team will kick things off with a safety briefing, ensuring everyone is bubble-wrapped for fun. And who says soccer is the only game in town? We've got a plethora of games waiting for you, from wild dares to strategy challenges.  Got a wild idea? As long as it's safe, we say, "Bubble up and go for it!"

Bubble Soccer kick

We welcome players of all fitness levels. Bubble Soccer is a sport, so expect to get a little workout.  We will adjust the games, break times and intensity around your group's needs.

  • We have Bubbles available in 2 sizes (kids and adult).

  • The minimum HEIGHT for any player is 110 cm (the player needs to be taller than the bubble). There is no maximum height.

  • The maximum WEIGHT our Bubbles are suitable for is 130kg. Anything heavier may not fit comfortably. If you aren't sure, please reach out to us and we will do our best to guide you.

All Bubble Soccer Events are smoke-free and alcohol-free!

Bubble Soccer view

Wrangling a group of excited players through Auckland's notorious traffic? Not to worry! We're here to make your Bubble Soccer experience a breeze. Instead of you trekking to us, we'll come to you, covering Auckland without any extra fees. And if you're a bit further out, no problem—we'll just add a small surcharge for the trip.

When it comes to venues, we're flexible.

  • OUTDOORS is our playground, so whether it's a park or your backyard, as long as it's a flat grassy area the size of a basketball court, we're ready to Bubble-Up! We bring our own power supply, so no need for electricity, but we do have a few safety no-nos: no sand, no gravel, no concrete, and definitely no sharp branches, splinters or sharp fences. Got the perfect spot in mind? Fantastic! Just make sure there's car access for us to unload our gear.

  • INDOORS more your style? We've got you covered, but we'll need a gym floor or carpeted area the size of an indoor basketball court, preferably with no stairs.

Stuck on venue ideas? No worries! Just let us know, and we'll help you out. If you're thinking about it, we've probably played it!

Let's make this Bubble Soccer Party one to remember! Make sure to bring your cameras.

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