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We do not operate an own venue, as our concept is to set up at a place near you instead of burdening you to move a group through Auckland. We mainly use public parks, indoor-sport facilities or private properties (this can be your backyard, local school grounds, and more).

If you wish to play outdoors we don't necessary require a sports field, any maintained flat grass area of the size of a basketball field is fine. Due to health and safety reasons, we can't play on sand, gravel or areas that contain plastic or wooden splinters, trees or if we are surrounded by sharp fences.
Turf-areas are fine as long as it is soft turf (like used for football with rubber fillers). Hard turf or turf that uses sand fillers (like tennis courts) are not suitable as they cause injury. We have our own power source and do not need access to electricity for outdoor venues.
For an indoor venue, a standard wooden gym floor or carpet is fine, concrete is not. We do require access to a power plug for any indoor venue.

We do need car access to the field to unload the equipment. We need to be within 20 meters (anything further may incur a small surcharge).
It takes us about 45-60 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to set down, so ensure the venue is available during these times as well. So if you are using an indoor venue or a private property (either your own or a school), make sure we can get in on time.

Of course, We can recommend suitable venues near you, just let us know where you are located. If you wish to book an indoor venue or a sports field and need assistance, please let us know, we can help.

We do mainly operate within Auckland and our prices include travel within Auckland (from Orewa to Pukekohe, from Clevedon to Waimauku). If you are outside these boundaries, a travel surcharge may apply. We do travel up to 4 hours from Central Auckland (e.g. we regularly service Tauranga, Rotorua, Hamilton). However, we have minimum requirements on booking length depending on your location. Please reach out to see if we can come to you and what the requirements are.

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