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Grass Field

Get ready to laugh till your sides hurt with Bubble Soccer! Also known as Zorb Football, Bumper Ball, or Loopy Ball, it's a wild mashup of your favorite sports with the added protection of Bubble suits. Imagine playing soccer, rugby, bowling, golf, and a bunch of other games, all while encased in a giant inflatable Bubble suit. It's like being in your own hilarious bubble world!

Get set for an epic adventure: you will be bouncing, rolling, bumping, flipping over, and crashing into your friends.

Whether you're in the game or just cheering from the sidelines, Bubble Soccer is a guaranteed to make you smile. So why not take your next event to the next level by adding some bubbly fun?

Bubble Soccer sunset

We are New Zealand's number one and longest running Bubble Soccer provider, organizing fun events in Auckland and the Upper North Island since 2013. We operate in the wider Auckland area (and Upper North Island), are available 7 days a week and offer customized solutions.

Book a game of Bubble Soccer with us and you will get the ALL-INCLUSIVE package:

  • WE provide all required equipment and have it ready before your game starts.

  • WE will provide our own power supply if you are using outdoor facilities.

  • WE run safety checks of all equipment and venue prior to the game

  • WE provide a trained staff member, acting as referee and game moderator, making sure you are safe at all times.

  • YOU don't need to worry about anything, just bring the excited players and some water along.

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