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Players need to be at least 5 years old to play. There is no maximum age to have fun. (Fun fact: our oldest player so far was a lady aged 86!). We do offer our Bubbles in 2 sizes: kids (suitable from ages 5 to approximately 11/12) and adult (from age 12 up).

Players need to be at least 110cm tall. There is no maximum height. We do not have minimum weight restrictions, but the maximum weight is roughly 120kg. If you are little over 120kg please reach out to us to discuss whether we can make it work.

Bubble Soccer is team activity and a game consists of 6-12 players in Bubbles at a time. For kids aged 11 years and younger we play with a maximum of 10 Bubbles due to supervision requirements. If your group is bigger that is no problem, as we can play with subs and rotate players. That works well as it tiring and we can run a tournament and/ or alternate games to keep everyone engaged. For community events we run Bubble Soccer as a 'fun fair' style activity where people can just join individually and we swap players every 5 minutes. So if you just want to give it a try and have less than 6 players just come along to one of the many community events.

We can cater for all fitness levels - we will adjust the intensity and break times accordingly. However, it is a sports activity which can be fairly tiring. So please consider this when choosing how long you want to book for and if you would like to play with subs (absolutely fine and even wouldn't cost you anything extra). Don't eat too heavy right beforehand and strictly no alcohol before your game. It can be quite warm in summer especially over lunch time, so if you struggle with heat, we recommend to choose an earlier or later time in the day.

Bubble Soccer is not suitable if you are pregnant. You will fall over a lot and will have to squat back up. So if you are currently having an active injury on your lower back, knees or ankles please let it heal first before trying Bubble Soccer. It is a cardio intense activity, so if you have any health concerns that would affect this, please adjust accordingly (play at a cooler temperatures, play with a sub or take more breaks). Please let our staff know who will assist you in making the right choice. We do cater and have extensive experience with groups that contain differently-abled players, including (but not limited to) sensory sensitivity, hearing and vision impairments, mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. If you wish to book for a group, please let us know beforehand so we can send an experienced staff member. If you are joining at a public community event, please reach out to one of our staff and we will adjust our approach accordingly.

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